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I can add an addendum to my entry yesterday on pining for an office. It has to do with phones.

As someone who never even had a cell phone until two-and-a-half years ago, and as someone who's yet to need to be really really connected i.e. accessible by phone at almost all times, I am still used to the idea of a phone being in a certain place, used at certain times. And I am still not used to how omnipresent cell phones became in the past 15 years.

And I still feel weird if I need to take a phone call publicly. Plenty of people...don't. They're completely used to it. (And too many are rude about it, especially in cases like taking calls in library Quiet Rooms where signs specify you can talk in the library, just not here, so everyone who's being quiet will hear your side of the call. Not an original gripe, but still a gripe.) With my phone habits, I'll probably keep feeling a little weird about where and when I take what few calls I get.

I don't want the whole freakin' world to be someone's office. But enough people treat the world like that, and I still rebel against this and chafe against this. An office of my own, even a simple, small office, would be Just Mine. I like that.

The phone'd probably be a cell phone, though.