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I remember cap.

Crap. I lost a cap.

Last Saturday while running errands, I was wearing a red wool knit cap until I wasn't. Shoot. I liked that cap. I'd won it at Geek Trivia, years ago. It was a Too Much Coffee Man (created in 1991 by current Portland resident Shannon Wheeler) cap: the logo on the front, a skull on the back.

I most likely left it on a bus, and TriMet Lost & Found hasn't yet found it, so either it's entirely lost, someone found it and threw it away, someone found it and kept it — probably the ideal scenario — or None Of The Above. I just know I don't have it.

Luckily I have a green knit wool cap, because it's cold. Meanwhile, here is my last photo of it, snapped at Beulahland earlier last Saturday: