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Ominous Statements

On Facebook I saw a meme, "Ominous Statement Generator." Based on your birth month, eye color, birth order and hair color, a few sentence fragments become a statement, one that's (you hope) portentous and evocative and, yes, ominous. But that meme structure is inherently limiting; I wanted to be more free-form than that. Thus, this:

It will, soon. Soon.

The harsh light shone, seeming to judge.

The forbidden words await on your lips.

The shadow on the Moon began to move. (Alternately, "The shadow on the Moon began to shift.")

Alas, it was done.

At last, it was done.

And the darkness hugged the world.

Life yearned.

Deliberately, warily, we prepared. We would be ready. We would.

The never-known word became, finally, truly, known.

All had fallen.

All had risen.