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A painting, by High School-Me

I've made one good-sized, framed painting in my life. High school project, as was most of the artwork I've been sharing with all of you since Thanksgiving when I looked through and photographed a bunch of it. This lurks brightly in a closet in the basement mechanical room at my parents' place in Dundee.

Painting, high school

Pretty sure this was, mostly, dream-imagery-inspired. I'll be honest: I decided to make the ribbons bright and unsubtly primary-colored (even their shadows are pitch-black) because it would be easier to paint. However, I soon became most proud of how I did the background, which needed actual color blending. And by now, I also can be honest that I most likely thought of that background because of the time vortex the U.S.S. Nimitz sails through in 1980's The Final Countdown:


(Yeah, I saw that film A LOT in the early 1980s. It was on HBO a bunch. I used to be able to recite large chunks of it. That was also the first time I remember getting in trouble for swearing. I learned really quickly Not To Do That. But I remembered the film.)