Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Yes, I *will* reach the Coast. Another time.

And so that was Christmas...

Christmas was low-key, with my parents in Dundee Sunday morning then with my parents and my Dayton, OR cousins Sunday afternoon and night. Some gifts (my folks didn't give many gifts this year; I was lame and didn't give any*), some football, and of course lots of food.

Today I considered a couple of options for doing a road trip to the Oregon Coast. Friends are staying in Seaside, and had said to check this morning to see if they were up for having visitors, and I found out they weren't: one of them has a cold and wouldn't be good company. I thought about my other idea, but decided I'd've rather gone to the Coast this time to visit someone, not just the Coast. A future time, then.

Meanwhile, I'm home. Late lunch, next, followed by more reading. For now, my dad's collection of the Harry Potter novels is in this built-in cabinet...

* Except the gift of my company. It can be a gift...

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