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I questioned! And people answered! My Geek Trivia, Part 1

Five years ago, Portland's Geek Trivia was in full swing, and in its larger venue of the McMenamins Kennedy School movie theater. (It had started very late 2009 at the bar Vendetta, where my picture in this entry's user icon was taken, and soon Geek Trivia really outgrew it.) Every other Tuesday, a few hundred of us formed teams and tried to answer more questions correctly than anyone else, for cool Things From Another World prizes. This contest was how I won my trip to San Diego ComiCon 2010, and I wanted a different challenge. With the okay of Bobby Roberts, who co-hosted with Cort Webber, I stopped playing Geek Trivia for a while and tried my hand at writing questions.

Over some months in 2011, back when I still worked for the construction company, I wrote over 50 trivia questions.

They used four. Cort and Bobby were, it turned out, really good at writing questions; maybe my contributions were redundant. That said, I enjoyed writing them, as well as the challenge of writing more like them; and I've pulled out my questions from one computer's files and I'll share them here.

To ease into sharing, I'll start with the four Cort and Bobby used.

* * *

1. You know that hope is a good thing, one of the best things, and no good thing ever dies, but you may not know that Frank Darabont A) was responsible for giving us smart-ass quippy Freddy Krueger and B) has written and directed FOUR Stephen King adaptations. Name them.

Answers: Darabont wrote and directed the short film "The Woman in the Room" (1983), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), The Green Mile (1999), and The Mist (2007). [Bobby changed it to just the three feature films, since "The Woman in the Room" is a deep cut.]

2. It took nearly all of the 1980s for producers Jon Peters and Peter Guber to make what became the 1989 Batman, directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton. But earlier in the decade when they started trying to make the film, their Batman was going to star two Saturday Night Live alums as Batman and Robin. For 1 point each, who were going to play Batman and Robin?

Answers: Bill Murray as Batman, Eddie Murphy as Robin.

3. Name all three Karate Kids, including the one who actually learned Kung Fu. Actors' names, please.

Answer: Ralph Macchio, Hilary Swank, and Jaden Smith. (I added in a note to Bobby, "Mmmmmmmmaybe add the clue 'Two of them were trained by Pat Morita, one of them was trained by Jackie Chan,' unless that spells it out too much.")

4. The same real-life famous person has been portrayed on film by these actors: Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell — twice — and Bruce Campbell. Who is that real-life celebrity?

Answer: Elvis. I had an idea for bonus points: "Name as many of the four films where these actors played this person as you can." Kilmer was Elvis in True Romance; Russell played him in John Carpenter's TV movie Elvis and an uncredited Elvis (voice performance) in Forrest Gump; and Bruce Campbell played him in Bubba Ho-Tep.
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