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My Geek Trivia, Part 2

For those who came in late: In 2011, I wrote questions for Geek Trivia, hosted by Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts. Here's some more of my questions; these, and the rest I'll share, weren't used, but I still enjoyed the writing exercise. Keep in mind I was trying to imitate as much as possible the writing style Webber and Roberts used, as well as their format. One category of questions was true/false, but named "Truth or Poop?" One of those questions is below.

5. Stoner flick question! There are two films with the line "Dude, Where's My Car?" One is Dude, Where's My Car? What's the other one? Bonus point: what's the main thing the two films share?

6. The 1986 song "Land of Confusion" —

— was one attempt by Genesis to write a socially relevant protest song, but what's far more memorable is its video, made by the makers of what satirical Eighties British puppet show?

7. Before it was the classic 1987 film, The Princess Bride was a 1973 novel also written by William Goldman. The novel is presented as Goldman's abridgement of the original 1,000-plus-page book (that book does not exist; this was a conceit Goldman used when writing it). The novel's official full title is "The Princess Bride, S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure: the 'good parts' version, abridged by William Goldman, author of ________________." Fill in the blank.

8. Truth Or Poop? Before he was a late-night TV smartass, David Letterman tried to break into films. He auditioned for the 1977 sketch film "The Kentucky Fried Movie," to play the newsman who appears throughout and also somehow sees the young couple having sex. Letterman didn't get the part, but the filmmakers liked one of his improvised lines so much they added it to the script.

9. What did Neil Armstrong mean to say when he set foot on the moon? It's not what you think.

10. Alfred Hitchcock had a ridiculously long career, directing films from the 1920s to the year before the release of Star Wars. What was the last film Hitchcock directed? Bonus point: what do that film and Star Wars have in common?

More questions on another day, when I feel like posting more.

5. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. The bonus point answer: both films were directed by Danny Leiner. "The same director" would also have been a valid answer.
6. Spitting Image
7. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
8. Truth! By the way, the line Letterman came up with was "The strike there is, uh, what's happening in Japan with those Japanese."
9. "That's one small step for *a* man, one giant leap for mankind." Snopes has a page for whether Armstrong actually said "a," and concludes he didn't. By the way, Armstrong did not plan to say "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed." He said that off the top of his head.
10. Family Plot. Bonus answer: both were scored by John Williams.



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Jan. 5th, 2017 01:23 pm (UTC)
I got 6-9, but missed the two framing questions (no clue on the Harold and Kumar one, and guessed "Frenzy" for the later).
Jan. 5th, 2017 04:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you for trying. I enjoyed writing these (more to come!) and I hope people enjoy trying them.
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