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Show my work! Early draft vs. final draft

My most recent poem started over a year ago, maybe a year-and-a-half, with the line "To un-understand," written on my tablet while riding the bus to work. I stalled. I'd gotten this much:

* * * *
To un-understand

To ignore, dismiss, hand-wave
To not care [To un-care?] [De-care?]
To make opaque, and stop seeing clearly
— to no longer care at all to see clearly —

To dismantle the connection you'd made
Like folding in your eyes and rolling up your heart

* * * *
The above was one sign (which I heeded) that I should more often write poems by hand; they seem to come out of me better that way, with the paper trail of revised and discarded words I can keep for reference. (And then I type up the final versions. No one else has to read my messy handwriting in my notebook, thank goodness!) I kept this fragment, figuring one of these days I'd give writing it another try so I could compare what came first with what came finally. Looking back, I really like only the first line (which I used) and the last line (which I didn't; I forgot I'd written it). The above was, certainly, nowhere near done, but was a good start. Finished, now.