Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A writing project takes shape

Two down...

I've been thinking back to the towns and houses I lived in as I grew up, and decided to share details about each place and time, doing so more in-depth than I've done before. I'm calling it "Pieces of my past," and I started it with an entry early last month: one of three homes I lived in at different times in Virginia Beach, Virginia, based on where the Navy wanted Dad to work. Yesterday I finalized and posted the second entry.

The pieces are jumping around in space and time, between birth and twelfth grade, so these won't be linear until I'm done and can link them in chronological order. Writing ahead, I've already finished what will be the fourth entry; I'll write the third entry next. And I have a plan (more of a plan than the Cylons had) for the rest of it.

I'm enjoying this, and I appreciate the chance to dig deeper into my youth — I want and hope to blog about things I haven't posted here before. There's still plenty of material, even after I've blogged for over 12 years.

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