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A quiet day

Today was a home day. I didn't feel like going out, so I didn't. I did laundry and cleaned the living room, the foyer and the dining area. By the usual house schedule I should've done that last weekend; I forgot. Then I remembered that I forgot, and took care of it. I also did a little cleaning in my bedroom, which I can do on any schedule I like.

(At least today wasn't a home day because of weather issues. THE ROADS AND SIDEWALKS ARE CLEAR. Have been since Thursday; Wednesday night, they were still slushy and treacherous. Not anymore, and Thursday I celebrated by driving the car on a nice little loop, the first time I'd driven in about two weeks.

(Now we see what the rest of winter has in store...)

I've also been reading, both online updates and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I'm in the climax, and pacing myself through it; you know how grim it gets. The line "Kill the spare": an early sign that J.K. Rowling was willing for this story to go dark, horrific, harsh. That line chilled me in 2001 and it chilled me again today.
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