Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Perceived" — Christopher Walsh, 2/5/2017

by Christopher Walsh, 2/5/2017

What does a soul look like?
Even though eyes are the Windows of the Soul,
They don't tell us.
They may not even guide our sight in the right direction,
But just get our eyes looking at someone else's eyes,
While maybe hoping both someones enjoy the view.
Let's go in a different direction:
How does a soul perceive?
Are our five senses enough to keep it nourished?
What does your soul like to taste?
It probably likes to taste comfort, at least:
--------Thus, soul food.
--------(We figured out soul food a long time ago,
--------Luckily. I think our souls thank us.)
Transcendent taste, though, is harder to define, harder to find,
And something we may just have to guess at.
Souls make us guess a lot.
(They, after all, don't let us see them.)
Souls likely don't speak, or think, in words,
Or even in images:
Maybe souls only speak or think
In love.

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Tags: poetical

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