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The Ecosystem of Café Chairs
by Christopher Walsh, 2/5/2017

We can find seats for all of those who come;
They can get comfort caused by bagels, warm,
And lattés swirled with heat (and maybe rum)
Plus flavor: nuts! Or fruits, or creme. A form
Of waiting is infused in cafés: plumb
Are butts to seats, be-cushioned to transform
A stretch of time to stretched-out time, becom-
ing longer, filled with thoughts and banter, swarm-
ing civilized ’round chairs: a pleasant hum
That makes us want to stay. That is the norm.
(Except in shops that drive you off. They're glum.)
In this way, good cafés are uniform.
------The chairs all wait for patrons, then provide
------A seated place, to lounge, chat, and abide.



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Feb. 6th, 2017 12:28 am (UTC)
Not only did I write this in a café, Space Monkey Coffee a few blocks from where I live, but I copied it out and gave it to the staffers there. They thought it was neat.
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