Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Super Bowl LI

I did not take much pleasure from that Super Bowl.

Though now I figure that George R. R. Martin took even less.

I did get invited to a Super Bowl viewing party, by the family I watched last year's game with, but I decided I wouldn't be good company, even with friends: and complicating things was a possible snowstorm. Possible, but even more uncertain than snow forecasts usually are for Portland. Forecasters were literally saying We could get half a foot or more of snow on the valley floor — or it might rain a lot. No in-between. I had the frustrating hunch that if I did commit to going out to the party, it'd be snow in Portlans, not rain. So staying at home for the game was the better decision, I think. (We got rain, with snow sticking to the mountains, the higher elevations, and the north.)

But, again, ultimately, not much pleasure in it. I wish this hadn't been the first Super Bowl to go to overtime. I'd been curious if that would ever happen, but I think I would've preferred if an overtime game had resulted from a really close back-and-forth game, not the lopsided game this time.

Oh, if you hadn't guessed, I was rooting for the Atlanta Falcons this time. The New England Patriots rub me wrong. (They rub George R. R. Martin so wrong that he created a background character in A Song of Ice and Fire named after Head Coach Bill Belichick who exists just to get eaten. By giants. Martin's a New York Giants fan.) The rest of the household was rooting for Atlanta, too. I'd've preferred if Seattle had made it, or barring that, Green Bay, but we can't always get what you want. Sports are good about reminding us of that.

Some amazing plays and catches; an impressive number of successful two-point conversions, which are harder to do than they look; almost a safety, which would've been an odd way for the Falcons to get two points, but hey, they would have helped — so there were moments. But it was, ultimately, frustrating and a little deflating.

There. Venting about sports done. For now.
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