Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Pub time, with newly-wed friends and other friends

NOTE: As I write this, I'm braving having my bedroom window open for the first time in months, because this room could use some outside air, even though it's still winter and the current temp — *checks* — is 37. The window won't be open for long.

Anyway. Hi. I was social last night.

Two friends of mine who recently got married had a marriage celebration. Christian and Denise had had a relatively small wedding ceremony, at Timberline Lodge on the south slope of Mt. Hood; they're now back from their honeymoon (New Orleans, good choice, if loud: they were near Bourbon Street) and wanted to visit with more friends than could make it up the mountain.

They gathered a good batch of happy people at Mad Sons, a pub just off of Hawthorne. (Portland recycling at its finest!: Mad Sons is a repurposed version of a restaurant that used to be there called Madison's. The neon sign outside is almost the same with just the I and the removed, and the wood-paneled decor was changed to be about the Founding Fathers of the United States.) Denise and Christian's party was on the pub's second floor, closed off for just us; the counters overlooking the first floor are lined with vintage early-, mid-, and late-20th century books. I didn't read them, but I did check out some of the titles.

Christian and Denise's circle of friends is eclectic, and nice to visit with. I like being in that circle. I listened to one artist describe her trip with her husband, also an artist, to see the Chicago production of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton, a show that moved her to tears. How big fans are they of Hamilton? They've donated art pieces to the show, and got a nice shout-out from Miranda himself for their art. I listened to another artist talk about one of her big recent projects, cleaning up a website of hers that has content going back to 1998. She said the way the site used to be, was like a house that had had odd, rambling additions grafted onto it, which I think is neat for a house (kind of like the Winchester Mystery House!) but confusing for a website. The site, I'm sure, works better now. I wouldn't normally be interested in hearing about coding, but I (and Denise and Christian) know people who can make that and many other subjects interesting and worth listening to.

The newlyweds were nice enough to feed us, too. And a guest offered to get me a drink, but I turned him down: I want to have my next drink when I'm celebrating getting a job.

So. A good time with good people. Then home, on a clear and bright-moon'd night.
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