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My current reading

Continuing my re-read of Harry Potter: I'm about 200 pages from being done with Order of the Phoenix, and Half-Blood Prince awaits on the bookshelf.

Also, I've started a collection of short stories by Herman Melville. The collection opens with "Bartelby, the Scrivener: a Tale of Wall Street," which is basically Melville's Office Space: it's about a worker who keeps saying he won't work, saying "I would prefer not to" until it's almost a mantra. It's clever. Considering Melville is most famous for the great, but heavy, Moby-Dick, I like knowing that Melville could be light and funny.

To keep exposing myself to poetry, I'm reading lyric poems by Virgil, his Eclogues. I'm starting to think Virgil is never going to be my favorite poet (I once referred to The Aeneid as "The 'Manger Babies' * of epic poems"), but I'm glad I'm trying more of his stuff.

My To-Be-Read list has at least two definite books in it, Laura Anne Gilman's alternate-history-Western-with-magic The Devil's West Book 2: The Cold Eye, and Stephen King's pulp-influenced 2013 novel Joyland. Other books will, of course, follow.

* After Googling, I guess I should explain this because it's probably not obvious enough a reference. Luanne on King of the Hill does a kids' puppet show called "Manger Babies" about the adventures of the animals who were in the manger when Jesus Christ was born. It was a way for Luanne to use a bunch of animal puppets she had (one of which was an octopus).
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