Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

My Geek Trivia, Part 5: the Poop of Truth!

Cort and Bobby's Geek Trivia had a true/false category, but it wasn't called "true or false"; it was called "Truth or Poop?" Same concept applies, though. The trick was to find stuff that seemed outlandish but was true — yes, Barbra Streisand showed up unannounced on the set of Indiana Jonrs and the Temple of Doom and pretended to whip Harrison Ford — or plausible but false — you would've thought they had, especially in the Eighties when they were making similar films, but John Cusack and Robert Downey, Jr. have still never starred together in the same movie.

I decided to make this entry just "Truth or Poop?" questions that I'd written.

26. Truth or Poop? The thundering, kick-ass score to 1982's Conan the Barbarian has a piece of music, "The Orgy," that was co-written by Basil Poledouris and his 9-year-old daughter.

27. Truth or Poop? The last movie Gene Siskel (Rest In Peace) ever picked as Best Movie of the Year was 1998's Babe: Pig in the City.

28. Truth or Poop? There are 68 other positions.

29. Truth or Poop? A James Bond film features a title song by Blondie.

30. Truth or Poop? Richard Roundtree, the star of Shaft, is a breast cancer survivor.

31. Truth or Poop, Death & Science Edition! Among the things that happen after you die, your hair and nails keep growing.

32. Truth or Poop? Paul Bunyan was invented for an ad campaign.

33. Truth or Poop? Winona Ryder is a natural blonde.

34. Truth or Poop, Nature Edition! You should be scared of Antarctica. It's smothered in miles-thick ice, powerful winds, the world's coldest temperatures, deceptively adorable penguins, and hidden aliens who look like bearded men growing internal organs and calamari out of their mouths. BUT... you DON'T have to be scared of one particular thing, because there are no spiders in Antarctica. Truth or poop?

35. Truth or Poop? Portland's Forest Park is the largest park within an American city's limits.

26. Truth! But don't worry: Zoe, the daughter who wrote a melody for the cue, had not seen the scene it was for or know the cue's title. Basil Poledouris was a GOOD parent!
27. Truth! (P.S. After I wrote that, I noted “OK, I've got to get better at writing "Truth or Poop?" questions where the answer is "Poop!"”)
28. Poop.
29. Poop. Blondie recorded a song called "For Your Eyes Only," hoping it would get used, to find out the producers had really wanted the band to record Bill Conti's already-written song. They declined, and Sheena Easton got the job.
30. Truth.
31. Poop, but skin dries out, shrinks back and exposes some hair and nails. THE SOPRANOS got this correct, as I recall.
32. Poop, but Paul Bunyan was popularized through advertising in the early 20th century. I'd thought the answer was "truth" when I wrote this.
33. Truth: She first got her hair dyed black on her 1986 film debut Lucas.
34. Truth.
35. Poop. According to Wikipedia, it's the 19th largest.
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