Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Words With Friends! (Alicia and I were at Powell's)

Friend time! My friend/former girlfriend Alicia was in town yesterday, with a part of her extended family, to say hi and to shop at Powell's City of Books. I met them st the store, then we split off for lunch: the family members to the Whole Foods deli a couple of blocks away, Alicia and I to The Roxy. Good thing we could go there without kids; The Roxy's not kid-friendly. (One of the T-shirts it sells says, in giant letters on the back, "PORTLAND FUCKING OREGON.") Good diner food and a chance to catch up on what Alicia's doing, and what she's enthused about. I like knowing her.

After that, we headed back to Powell's for book-shopping, the big reason for the trip. I helped her find some books and makde some purchase suggestions, plus I sometimes carried the books she was going to buy. Plus I carried a big bag of books I'd loan to her later. We found several books she'd wanted, then hooked up with her other family members, and they bought their books en masse. Me, being a big target with the bag of books she was going to borrow, waited away from the checkout line; Powell's was (no surprise for midday Saturday) busy. Then it was back to the car, where Alicia and I swapped books-to-borrow and got these shots.


(I couldn't decide which of the two pics I liked better.)

I visited and walked around downtown and East Portland for the rest of the afternoon. Took me until this morning to realize my shoulders were sore from the large bags of books I'd been carrying.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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