Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

An unused story idea

I wouldn't write this, but I kinda sorta want it to exist, so I'm putting it out there:

There's crime fiction, plenty of it inspired by real-life awful people, and some crime fiction is urban fantasy with fantastical elements. Today, it hit me:

What if the Pacific Northwest had a serial killer...a serial killer who only hunted Sasquatches?

I first thought of it as a joke, for the benefit of Greg Nibler of Funemployment Radio (he follows reports of possible Bigfoot sightings), but it hit me: first of all, the Pacific Northwest has a history of being a home of serial killers; and such a serial killer would be doing it knowing that a) Sasquatches and other Bigfoot-type cryptids exist, and b) each one dead makes the species' existence more precarious. They'd know the truth...and would be killing the truth. Which, as an idea, is messed up.

How would you stop a serial killer like that? How would someone even learn the murders were happening? How would someone learn the truth...and try to keep the truth alive, and protected? You have a built-in ticking clock that way: stop the killer before more cryptids are killed, and protect those cryptids from the rest of the outside world.

There's also the chance that the killer would be doing this to make it more likely that, finally, after all these decades of sightings and claims, the existence of Sasquatches would be proven. Corpses proved the existence of giant squids; a verifiable Sasquatch corpse would be huge proof. Would the killer think they're starting a species death that the rest of the world will finish?

I'm creeping myself out with the ideas in this.

(, I do not want a Sasquatch to be a serial killer. That idea is too sad.)

The story's protagonist, in learning of the cryptids' existence, learning of the killer, and trying to stop the killer, would be well-served to learn what the Sasquatches are like: do they have a society? Do they have ways to warn fellow cryptids, and to protect themselves? Are the cryptids fighting back? How could this escalate?

...Also, Seanan McGuire hasn't written this yet, has she?

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