Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Pieces of my past, 1973-1976: I have to take my family's word on this


My home from fall 1973 to summer 1976.

There. On Southampton Circle. In Virginia Beach, Virginia. This is me being thorough, because it was the first house I lived in — except for most of November 1973, where Mom and Newborn-Me stayed with her folks in NE Portland's Concordia neighborhood — but I don't remember it. At all. The absolute earliest I can recall was moving to Rancho Bernardo, CA after moving away from here. I had no idea, but we moved into the town on Bicentennial Weekend, July 1976. Two-year-olds don't care about milestone birthdays.

Everything before that, and bits of pieces of time after that, I can't recall. I was eating, sleeping, crapping, and learning how to walk and talk...there. That's worth noting.

Later, when we moved back to Virginia Beach in 1982, the house we rented was, coincidentally, laid out in a mirror image of this one. It's probably good that I didn't remember the Southampton place by then, because I might have gotten confused by the new house.

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