Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Happier things

While I don't plan to turn this blog into Musician Eulogy Central, I'll still memorialize people who aren't with us anymore, people I miss. But I'll keep reminding myself of good stuff, and reminding you as well.

Like how Wil Wheaton, another Smartass Sweetheart of the Internet, pointed today to this photo of a sunset on Mars. Beautiful. (Be aware: the image is large.)

And another thing more immediately Of The Good is that on the bus tonight, the #66 (which I took to S.E. 39th so I could take another bus to Trader Joe's and get groceries and dinner), I helped a woman who was on the wrong bus. She'd thought it was the #68 bus from OHSU, but when she told me she just needed to get to the Max light rail, I let her know that the #66 would end at a Max station, so she was fine (if going out of her way). So she was no longer lost because of me.

And now dinner -- comprised of rice and taquitos -- awaits.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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