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Dialogue Lines!

I have a note on my tablet. On it is line after line of possible dialogue, odd thoughts I imagined someone saying and then wrote down to save. (One of these lines is about 25 years old; I wrote it down trying to finally get it out of my head.) I'd call it a writing exercise, except I keep not doing anything with the lines. I've toyed with trying to write a story incorporating as many of them as possible, but that'd be a stunt, not particularly useful towards me getting better as a writer.

(At another time in my life I did a similar list, for possible titles. THAT list would be more potentially useful: it's easier to build a story from a title than from disparate bits of stuff said. I no longer have that titles list, which was pages long, but I do have a smaller list of possible titles. Now I want to try writing using those!)

That said, I want to share the lines. Here they are. I offer them for free to anyone who'd like to use them.

Some have profanity, so if you'd rather not picture me writing anything with swear words or off-color comments, don't click the link.

"Yes, I accept that that was in my crotch."
"Well, heck-fuck."
[into a phone:] "I was half-naked." Pause. "The other half."
"OK, here's a gun, there's your foot, go for it."
"That was a weird thing to do with my tongue." "You hope that's what she said."
"Fought law. Law won."
"That was fucking vulnerable!"
"You think you're funny..." "But I am."
"That was meant to be pathetic."
"Are you a man of conviction?" "...I can be." (or "I could be.")
"You see, I decide, but then I de-decide." (possible alternate last word "un-decide.")
"Tongue, don't fail me now..."
"Thanks for letting me know I can't trust you."
"It's like a ballet where the dancers explode."
"What the fuck-y..."
"The penis helped it focus!"
"No worries." "But I'm good at worrying."
"'Jésus'?" "Yeah, it's Spanish for 'Gesundheit'."
[rude female character standing next to her husband/boyfriend/male partner] "Wait, I gotta do a male check." [she grabs his crotch, surprising him] "Yep."
"On the offensiveness scale, that's about a 'Name Your Hispanic Character Basura'."
"Don't talk out your ass, it smells."
"Trust in thrust."
"You get the baling wire, I'll get the spit."
"History don't feel like history when you're in it."
"I have no reason to buy dog food except desperation."
"Keep that remembered."
"Yay! I did no damage!"
[after another character is blisteringly profane] "Do you suck dick with that mouth?!"
"I hate you so much, I will put ketchup in your soup."
"You can't let it go — but I can let you go."
"It will be my privilege to piss you off..."
"Home is where your porn is."
"I am Hopeslayer, slayer of hopes!"
[Person A answers a question, Person B says "What?"]: "I answered and I didn't stutter. It's not my fault you didn't listen."
"That's not true, and that's not fair."
"Bad guys don't deserve blowjobs."
"It may be overkill, but I don't mind killin'."
"Let the over-analysis begin!"
"The cold gave you a hug. A cold hug."
"He pronounces 'banana' with an ñ."
"You were such a bad boss, you made me wish I'd stolen from the company."
"Don't just go for the cleavage."
"You make me want to break things. I do not *like* to break things."
‪"That's asking for trouble." "So stop asking!"‬
"‪Biting my tongue. I must have a tasty tongue.‬"
" 'Death is all around' IS NOT A REASSURING THING TO SAY!" [This was inspired by a real comment on Facebook.]
"Depressed and stubborn is a tough combination."
‪"You're turducken'ing wrong!"‬
"Remember, when you drop the mic, try to catch it with your other hand. Good mics are pricey."


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Mar. 6th, 2017 01:00 am (UTC)
Man, I want to use so many of those!
Mar. 6th, 2017 03:02 am (UTC)
And you may, if you wish!

Me: providing a valuable service...
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