Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

An unused idea

Here's something I've never written out beyond a note, but I wanted to share it, too:

My relationship with profanity can be weird. I swear, but I try to use profanity strategically. It's long rubbed me the wrong way when people seemingly swear simply to swear. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home helped me realize that:

Plenty of that swearing is just reflexive, almost a fill-in word like "um" or "er," like it's said without thinking. I WANT TO BE THOUGHTFUL ABOUT HOW I SWEAR. (Seriously.) So, I've long had this scenario in my head:

Some very earnest guy overhears a couple of guys talking, and those guys are swearing. The earnest guy barges in on their conversation, asking what they're talking about because, he insists, "If it involves swearing, it must be important!" When the guys quickly get annoyed and blow him off, the earnest guy says, "Oh, poop."

Feels like the basis for a comedy sketch. I do not do sketch comedy. But hey, now it's shared. Thank you.

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