Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Dream-Me didn't have fun

In my dream, I got annoyed.

In my dream, I got political.

The main plot was, loved ones of mine had signed me up for the type of interactive experience where you get told stuff like This person will come to you at some point and say this thing, and when they do, you say this code and give them this piece of paper. This meant I was going to spend time literally running around and metaphorically jumping through hoops, not in as intense a way as, say, Michael Douglas's character in 1997's The Game did, but in a way that I quickly realized would bother me.

Friends and loved ones who might think to sign me up for an interactive experience like this: please don't.

This ended with me preparing to take a class, not sure if the interactive experience was going to extend into even that, and getting cranky because there were not enough seats for all of us in the class. And I wanted to express that by yelling some politically-related cranky thoughts at people. I won't detail those here. I get a little cranky and tired thinking about them again.

Usually I don't get annoyed or political in my dreams. I hope this dream isn't usual.
Tags: dreams, politics

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