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A good, quiet day

It feels later than it is (9:10 p.m. as I write this) — maybe because I'm running on interrupted sleep from last night. My biggest sleep bugaboo: I fell asleep with my bedside light on, and I never get fully to sleep when I do that. I woke up in the 3:00 a.m. hour and stayed up for about an hour; my body resisted going back to sleep until then. I'm glad I did, finally, though it took over an hour; I awoke at 8:00.

Today, in fact, went reasonably easily once I did wake up: I eased into the day, I like to do, and could listen live to Greasy Kid Stuff on Xray.fm. And later I got a ride: Mom came to town and took me to the family home, in Dundee. We're doing a day trip tomorrow. Why not? *smiles*

Meanwhile, for the first time in decades, Oregon men's basketball team is in the Final Four. Holy crap, I did not think they'd get this far, but I do not mind. Plus I like that Gonzaga from Spokane made it. Northwest represent!



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  • chris_walsh
    2 Jun 2023, 17:05
    I am glad you exist and that you're choosing to blog!

    Maybe not feeling poetic is a poetic state all its own?

    Try to capture that feeling - I think that will be reflective of many folks'…
  • chris_walsh
    2 Jun 2023, 06:59
    Glad you're surviving!
  • chris_walsh
    20 Jul 2021, 14:00
    I think I should wait until I have something better to brag about.
  • chris_walsh
    20 Jul 2021, 09:38
    I think it's okay to talk about your life, if you have something you want to share, even if you are doing well.
  • chris_walsh
    9 Jun 2021, 03:45
    I've been serving myself to watch this one day.
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