Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Entirely apt icon! Hi, I saw the Pacific.

It is my solemn duty and oath as an Oregonian to, as needed, travel to verify that, indeed, the Oregon Coast is still there and still Coast-ing as it does.

Means I was on the Coast today.

Saturday, Mom drove to town and picked me up, so that today we could day-trip to Lincoln City and Depoe Bay. Weather was cooperative, if drizzly-to-rainy, but that's better than the snow Mom had the last time she drove to the Coast. So: Hwy. 99W to Hwy. 18 (I waved to the Otis Café, a diner in Otis I like) to Hwy. 101. We stopped at Roads End, a northern neighborhood of Lincoln City, to walk and to take pictures, then continued to Depoe Bay. I'd forgotten that Depoe Bay is relatively close to Lincoln City (8 miles south; I'd thought it was more). We made two stops there, at the whale-watching station — didn't see any gray whales, but we knew some are out there — and at a salt water taffy store. Then we drove north for lunch at Kyllo's, a place my family's liked for decades, on the D River. Good, and surprisingly quick, food: I had garlic shrimp with sides of cole slaw and fries, and I split crab cakes with Mom. Weather stayed cloudy and drizzly-to-rainy, but that often happens on the Oregon Coast and we accept it. It's part of its charm.

I got back home this evening, before dark. Thanks, Mom!

Photos later, probably Monday, after I wrangle up a photo album for them.
Tags: peregrinations

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