Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

What I did today that helped me:

• A breakfast at Bertie Lou's Café, a Sellwood diner I hadn't been to before but which a friend had recommended. Small, bustling place, and people there were being amusing. I feel I added something to the bustle and noise, as I sat and ate at the counter. (I'd first sat at a two-seat table, but when I heard the owner telling two customers that he didn't have an open table for two I got up and asked "Would it helped if I moved?" Yes, it did. So I did.)

• A drive to get to the diner, then more driving later (after I walked from the diner to the Sellwood branch library and back to the car) since I can always use driving practice.

• A change of scenery, by car: I braved, I mean drove through, downtown (past the Central Library to see where the two sick oak trees formerly in front had been removed), then through the Pearl, up into the Northwest Portland industrial area where I worked in 2012, past the Montgomery Park building, then up Hwy. 30 to the St. Johns Bridge. Scenic! And in and out of sun and rain, since today's weather was variable. I drove around to Columbia Blvd. then NE 42nd, and zigzagged back to where I live.

• Dealt OK, I think, with bad driving, and tried not to cause bad driving either. I've told myself this many times: other people driving carelessly or stupidly should not cause me to lose focus and drive carelessly or stupidly myself. I find myself venting at cases of bad driving I see, but I try once I vent to let it go, and not dwell on it. I know I can dwell. I try not to when behind the wheel.

• A nice, filling dinner back at the house: chicken breast cut up into spaghetti, plus salad and a glass of warm broth for a drink. Hey, this works for me.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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