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How long a walk? Let's check...

Different scenery. That's what I was craving. So late this morning I let myself walk for four miles: up to Foster Blvd., over to Powell, then down all the way to Milwaukie and Powell at the northern end of my old neighborhood. From there, I bussed — I've ridden TriMet less the past month, since I've been using bus tickets instead of buying the monthly bus pass — over the Ross Island Bridge, and treated myself to lunch at the Lair Hill Bistro. Hadn't been there for years, and hadn't been there even semi-regularly since I stopped working at OHSU which is on Marquam Hill, the hill above Lair Hill. (Bigger hill above a smaller hill. Work with me here.)

I'm glad I went back. Had a poached salmon salad. Also a broccoli and cheese soup, and I generally don't like that soup but this one was good.

After that, I walked and bussed down to the Collaborative Life Sciences Building, where I've hung out before, so I could sit and get online, then before my bus ticket expired I hopped one more bus home.