Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Careful with a gift card

Adventures in shopping:

I had a Fred Meyer gift card. I'd first used much but not all of the funds on it for a good-sized purchase; today I went to my neighborhood Freddy's to finish it off. I planned out my shopping, a little more carefully than usual (and I try to be a careful grocery shopper). Six low-cost items, four of them from the Produce department, one a milk purchase with digital coupon, and a Reese's to get it over a certain threshold. My goal: spend no more than $1.00 over the amount on the gift card. I had $1.00 cash for that.

Maybe I planned too well. I used all but 24¢ from the gift card. The cashier said "You're halfway to a candy bar!"

Now I kind of hope that the next Freddy's cashier I go to doesn't mind that I use that gift card's last, and tiny, amount...

(Oh yes, I'm using it. Money is money.)
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