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My liberty card was punched, and it took me a little while to realize it. I'd planned out a Thursday night trip to North Portland then Old Town Portland — first to Bridge City Comics to pick up a month's worth of books waiting for me, then to Sequential Art Gallery on NW Broadway to see art by a local comics artist I'm acquainted with. See, for most of the day when you buy a TriMet ticket, it's good for 2 1/2 hours, and I planned my trip around that; it wasn't until I was boarding the bus near Bridge City Comics that I looked at my ticket and saw it was good through the end of the service day. Strictly speaking, I could've jumped on a bus with it until 1:00-ish.

Me being me, I took more time. I do when I can.

Often on First Thursday, a monthly art event in Portland, I go only to Sequential Art, where I know the proprietors. This time, I let myself wander into a couple of other galleries. Plus I hung out at Sequential Art, as I often do; after I'd seen the art I sat outside, read, and people-watched. Gave a heads-up to a woman and a young girl that a guy on a bike was riding towards them on the sidewalk so they'd be less surprised by him.

It can feel like work, me getting into a mindset to look at art. I'm learning, and hoping, to relax more about it: I'm not going to "get" everything, and not every piece will speak to me. It's no one's fault if that happens. (Unless the art is really poorly done.) Plus I had enough on my mind last night — several subjects and issues, not getting into them at the moment — that I could easily distract myself from the artworks. Too easily.

But I got out, and visited people and places, and saw stuff I otherwise wouldn't have seen.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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