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King. Kull. Yes.

Best news I've heard today: Robert E. Howard's long-out-of-print stories of King Kull, the ruler of Atlantis who REH created before Conan, are finally back in print.

So says Del Ray; and so says Amazon.

I've become an REH fan after getting to know happyspector, resident Howard expert and appreciater. I've been hoping to read the Kull stories, but knew I'd have to wait after Matt told me the stories were long out of print. Well, whatever wrangling was needed to bring them back in books, it's been done. Yes!

As I understand from those two links, the book includes all of the Kull tales, including some that were later revised to be sold as Conan stories. They've also been restored to as close to what Howard originally wrote as possible; REH dealt with a lot of rewriting of his often lusty, bloody work. So there's more unadulterated Robert E. Howard work in the modern world! Yes!
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