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This song's old enough to vote.

On a cleaning tear today, I dug out some piles of stuff that's years old. And I found a blues song! I and some of my cousins wrote it with my cousin Max's then-girlfriend, Lauren, when they came to Dundee for Walsh Family Thanksgiving in 1998. Lauren was (I'm guessing still is) a musician and had brought her guitar. We used it. This was fun.

Turkey Coma Blues
By The Turkeynecks (a.k.a. Lauren and some Walsh cousins)

I woke up this mornin'
Too much turkey in my gut
Enough gravy to swim in
Was now lodged in my butt
I'm already bleary-eyed
And I know how bad it'll hurt
When we clear out the dishes
To make way for dessert
I got the too-much-feedin', digestion-needin' Turkey Coma Blues
I got the heavy-loadin', just explodin' Turkey Coma Blues