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Unused titles, up for grabs

My cleaning has led me not just to blues song lyrics, but to a mid-90s list I was making of possible titles. I've yet to use them, all these years later, which may be a sign that I should write more. But I can copy them down here, so I can see them again, and maybe be inspired by them. Maybe you will be inspired by them. Use 'em if you want. Seriously.

Gather the Players
Sanity in a Brown Plastic Bag
Blank Stares | Blank Verse and Blank Stares
Beleaguered of the Pack
In Between the Dark and the Light*
Everything I've Told You Is A Lie
Someone Isn't Breathing Air...
Despair with a Cherry on Top
When He Wrote 'I NO NO 1'
The Life of Cozwell
The Blanket of Clouds
Fresh Dry Socks and Other Small Pleasures
Mellow Drama
Wink Wink Grin and a Salute to Boot
The King of Crushes of King of Prussia, PA**
An Endless, Senseless, Winless War
___________'s Okwurd Wurld***
The Dripping Meat
Beware of Sudden Depth
The Forever Endeavor
Too Many Pennies
The Tragic State of Comics
Hole in the World****
The Sword of Zohar
The Dark Calm Before the Dawn Storm
Friendship, Free of Charge
I'm a Thigh Guy
Dat's Macabre!*****
The Reason For Evil | The Reason Of Evil
The Irreverent Reverend Reference
Hard On My Mind
For Tomb, the Well Bowls
Women With Guns!******
"Hundreds of Dead Chickens..."
Get Fucking (a song to sex)
And. and And.*******
Ugly Ugly Ugly
Handing Out a Few Heart Attacks

This page also has phrases and names that might not work as titles, but I'll preserve them here, too:

"Is this deep or what?" "Deeper than whale shit, yes."
Blood, Phlegm and the Biles (heavy-metal group)
Two-Headed Nixon Productions
"Sentences about as long as the 18th century and paragraphs about as large as his ego..."
Acting oh so unimpressed

* Could this be Don Henley's autobiography?
** Sounds like a YA novel!
*** I never came up with a good name to use here.
**** Which I picked up from the 1994 film Speed, a line written by an uncredited Joss Whedon. He used it later, heartbreakingly, as the title for the Angel episode where the god Illyria kills Winifred "Fred" Birkle and takes over Fred's body.

I didn't know any of that (and of course it'd be years before Angel was even created), but I liked the term. I even developed the seed of an idea around it, involving the Pacific Northwest being cut off from the rest of America by both an Electromagnetic Pulse and some form of energy bubble preventing people from leaving or entering. I never came near to writing it, though.
***** I find this kind of funny.
****** I wrote some lines for a song of this!
******* a.k.a. 'The Adventures of Andy and Anders,' friends of mine from my college dorm from 1994 to 1996. They could've been a team in a buddy comedy.
******** Slight added context: I wouldn't have my first drink until 1999.
Tags: fiction

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