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Haikus from 2000

Cleaning. Going through notebooks I haven't written or looked in for years. Finding stuff (I think) worth sharing. That's been my night.

One spiral notebook of mine from 1998-2000 contains notes for my Hermiston Herald articles and movie reviews, job hunt notes from when I was preparing to move to Portland, sketches, and poetry. On October 7, 2000, probably while staying with Mom and Dad in Dundee southwest of Portland, I wrote six haikus, two of them variations on each other:

Swamped with signs of life —
Swarms — bugs multifarious
Catch light in the air

Yes, wasps really rest.
Yellow jacket stretches out
And cleans off its legs. [alternate last word: "limbs"]

Cleaning off its legs,
Yellow jacket stretches out.
Yes, bugs really rest.

The tree looks shaggy
About to shed its old growth
For a new green coat.

Light is here for now.
It's not taken for granted
Near the Willamette.

Forty-two degree
Water was in the hot tub.
Now set to boiling.