Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Pictures. Books. Driving.

Productive trip. I drove out Saturday morning to my parents' house, 30 miles southwest of Portland. I let myself drive a less-direct route, out Burnside and briefly on Hwy. 26 (after a wrong turn, but oh well) before taking Murray Blvd. to Scholls Ferry to 99W. (Murray Blvd.: one of the few straight — well, mostly straight — north-south routes through Beaverton. Though it goes up and down like a mofo.)

I had books to return to the house — books of Mom and Dad's that I'd borrowed, books of mine I wanted to store — and old photos of mine I wanted to go through. I've been in the mood to look back, as my "Pieces of my past" blog posts attest, and luckily I'd been taking plenty of pictures during the times I wanted to look back at. Not an ideal setup — I was taking pictures of pictures in photo albums, so getting them in focus and without light reflecting off of them was a little challenging — but I got what I wanted.

Also, I took advantage of having a garage, and the tools and accoutrements of a garage like funnels, so that I could add a needed quart of oil to my car's engine.

The trip opened up options. I considered staying overnight at the house, or possibly driving out to the Coast or to some other pretty part of Oregon. I had books for reading if I stayed, and a fueled-up (and oiled-up!) car if I went elsewhere. But it made the most sense to head back to Portland, so I did.

...hey, I could make these journal entries even more boring. *grins*

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