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My Little Bubble of Music

I have a little round stereo for my office desk. It kind of looks like a flattened, grayish bubble. It's actually cute.

It's a birthday present that I finally got around to a) getting (my folks said they'd pay for it; that's how it's a present) and b) setting up. This morning I got out of the apartment really early by my weekend standards (just after 9 a.m.), ran over to Fred Meyer to buy headphones since I can't listen to it out loud, and drove up to OHSU. I plugged it in and tested both the CD player and the radio.

Listening to stuff at work will be more convenient than before: I used to play CDs on my two (yes, two) computers, but one CD drive is broken (my fault) and the other does inconvenient things when I start playing a CD on it (taking over a program I need for other reasons). And some Enhanced CDs completely take over a computer so you can do nothing on it except, say, listen to the Beastie Boys. (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

A slight inconvenience; it's hard to get an AM signal, and there are some AM things I'd like to listen to like "The Rick Emerson Show"; Rick Emerson is very influenced by Don and Mike, and to me that's a good thing that I want to hear. The instructions say that I can turn the entire unit to get a better AM signal, and that sort of worked, but maybe not enough to be a regular solution. But still. I can listen to more stuff at work now.
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