Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I haven't killed that house centipede.

This will be a post about house centipedes. Don't Google images of house centipedes for reference. You'd regret it.

I can handle the sight of snakes, which really skeeve out or scare some people. I think spiders are neat, whereas lots of people immediately want to kill them. (You need a smallish spider taken outside? I'm your guy.) I get annoyed with certain flying bugs — grr, gnats, grr — but I try to be all "live and let live" with them, even if they're the kinds of flying bugs who want to bite me.

But house centipedes make me want to kill with fire. I twitch at the sight of them. Too many legs, which don't even quite look like legs OH DEAR OH NO I SAID TOO MUCH...


Guess what was on my bedroom wall when I woke up this morning.

I saw a house centipede, and sighed, and told myself not to get up and squash it. I managed to let it past, off to fill its ecological niche somewhere else in this house. House centipede, you live for now.

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