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I am secretly 70.

And, when I can, I have Hydrox. Hydrox was the creme-filled cookie that existed before Oreos were created. The makers of Hydrox focused on the cookie as the selling point; the makers of Oreos focused on the creme. This is something people battle over (I won't repeat what I heard Harlan Ellison call Oreos when I saw him speak in 1994, except it was disparaging), but Oreos so overtook the creme-filled cookie niche that Hydrox was considered an also-ran, even though it was a darn good cookie. (Maybe people felt that the name suggested a cleaning brand, not a cookie brand.)**

Leaf Brands brought it back.

My stomach is pleased.

Fred Meyer, one of our area's Kroger chains, is stocking it. I indulged in it. You can, too, if you can find it. Tell me if Hydrox truly dunks in milk better than Oreos...

* Thus, double-stuf Oreos, Swedish Fish-flavored Oreos, popping-candy Oreos called "Fireworks Oreos," the April Fool's Day joke of all-creme Oreos...

** Trivia! Turns out the name is a combo of hydrogen and oxygen, because the original makers wanted to suggested purity and thought a name referencing water would do that. I'm not sure other people got that. After all, you also clean with water...