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The lengths to which I'll go

Getting to Portland Meadows at 5 in the morning for my work as an extra was involved. Too early for buses, I wasn't going to drive, I wouldn't be able to get a ride there, paying for a taxi (which I didn't even think of possibly doing) would cut into my earnings for the day, and I've yet to use Uber or Lyft. So I got permission from my friends Ryan and Kristen to sleep at their home, closer to Portland Meadows.

And I walked.

A four-mile walk, but that was more manageable than what would've been a 10-mile walk from the house where I live.

Yes, I was willing to walk that walk. Took about an hour and 15 minutes, from a little after 3:30 to 4:45. I was careful around traffic.

If I'd gotten called back for Wednesday work, and it had been an early call again, I had a different plan for getting there. I would've come home, showered, gotten some sleep, awakened late at night, ride late buses to North Portland, and stage myself at the 24-hour Heavenly Donuts on N. Lombard, drinking coffee and eating doughnuts and reading until it was time to walk up to the track. Which is a mile-and-a-half walk.

In many case, walking works. Eventually. (I kind of like knowing that if absolute push came to absolute shove and for some reason I needed to get from Portland to my parents' Dundee home, it's 30 miles, a doable one-day walk. But I'd most likely have to do that if civilization collapsed, which I hope it doesn't...)