Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

VICTORY. Small victory, but it's been a day.

I got a nice piece of good news in the mail this afternoon. It came after I'd had lunch turn into a production: the eggs I was using to have soft-boiled eggs for ramen (and hard-boiled eggs for later) turned out to be about one-quarter unusable, some already cracked in the carton and one not showing its crack until I'd dropped it in the boiling water. I salvaged the eggs I could and got them into the boiling water, then tried excavating the stuck eggs from the carton. Crack. More than once. Luckily I spilled nothing, and got the uncooked eggs into the little compost container we have as Portlanders; using elbows and un-contaminated fingers, I carefully opened the back sliding door and took the egg-drenched carton straight to the outside trash, because there was no way I was recycling it. Then back in, carefully, and washing my hands well, because raw eggs, THEN eating my ramen. Plus tortilla chips and hummus.

After that, I went to the mail and saw that my state tax refund had arrived.

And I thought Something today that wasn't a fight...

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