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Ensign Walsh, report!

Wednesday feels like a long time ago.

I'm at, I hope, the tail end of this cold that I started to feel Tuesday night. I managed to get out and run my ballot errand Wednesday, so at least that got done; yesterday my only trip outside the house was to the corner coffee shop. Hot tea and a milkshake for soothing my throat, and a small pasta salad for comfort eating. Plus some face-to-face interaction, with one of the café workers I know. Nice to run into her.

Since Wednesday, I've had plenty of tea and broth, but since midday yesterday, thank goodness, I've gotten more substantial food down without a problem. Just had ramen with sautéd carrot slices for late breakfast, and more tea (caffeinated this time) for further soothing.

And my bedroom window is open, I hope to move any disease-tainted air out of the place. Plus it's nice outside.