Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Catching up (weekend posting round-up)

Awakening. Preparing to be fully awake for, you know, work and things. Before that, as yendi sometimes does, I'll also point to the writing I did in my LJ posts over the weekend:

I eulogized a musician who died far, far too young...and later danced to one of his songs.

I reminded myself of good things that I'd done or seen Friday.

I pulled the first line of each month's first entry in 2006, as a reminder that I talk about myself a lot.

I geeked out over the latest Bond film, as well as shared my thoughts on two of the Brosnan Bonds.

I happily announced that more of a good writer's writing is now available.

I expanded my listening-to-music-at-work options (by actually spending time in my office on Sunday morning).

And I showcased an epic insult from someone we don't know to someone we on the Internet know all too well: yes, it's the Ultimate Flame.

We've got entries, right here in River City!

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