Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I dreamed this dream so you don't have to

Oy. Involved dream last night, in fact I think a dream that I woke up from, thought about, then started dreaming again as I fell back to sleep: I was moving into a large house that had been awkwardly converted into dorms, with a very mismatched group of people of all ages moving in, too. The central hall to get to bedrooms was open to the sky, which in the coastal Pacific Northwest (where this was) is, heh, unlikely; everywhere I went in the house was a mess, with the implication that the mess was my fault, even though I HAD JUST GOTTEN THERE; I kept thinking "I need to do something about [x]" but then getting pulled away to deal with something else, so unfulfilled obligation piled up on top of unfulfilled obligation. All interrupted by a sudden house field trip to a bar, in the middle of the night, on a coast with waves reaching much higher onto the beach than expected. So I'm soaked, awkward, and uncomfortable.

Whatever my mind was trying to tell me with this dream, if anything, it was trying to tell me loudly.

Tags: dreams

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