Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

People can surprise you, former Beatle edition

In the early 1980s, composer-orchestrator-conductor Michael Kamen was being interviewed for a possible job, scoring Terry Gilliam's Brazil. Producer and percussionist Ray Cooper was doing the interview. By then, Kamen had had some relatively high-profile movie gigs — David Cronenberg's The Dead Zone, Alan Parker's Pink Floyd The Wall — but he was mostly doing relatively low-budget, lower-profile films like the 1981 horror-thriller Venom. Kamen started to somewhat sheepishly bring up Venom. Cooper said, "Oh yes, George Harrison and I saw that!"

I think at some level, Kamen was thinking George Harrison watches horror films?!

I like that Kamen not only got hired to score Brazil, which is one of my favorite films and favorite scores, but he also became friends with Harrison, Cooper, Gilliam, and even singer-songwriter Kate Bush: Gilliam met her at Abbey Road, and introduced her and Kamen. Kamen and Nush were friends and colleagues for the rest of Kamen's life: he finished orchestrations for her album Aerial a month before he died in 2003.

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