Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Jerk, C'est Moi

I can, sometimes, be a jerk. At times, I want to be. Very occasionally (only occasionally, I hope), I am. I wanted to be tonight.

Someone posted to Facebook a meme, claiming it was written by John Cleese. The meme makes it seem that Cleese is writing about last weekend's terrorist attack on and near London Bridge, or maybe Cleese was writing about the 2013 Woolwich attack that killed British soldier Lee Rigby; but Cleese didn't write it. The meme's been traced back to the 2005 London transit bombings. I point this out, with a link explaining it. Of course I got some other person, not the original poster who I at least know and trust, and that other person replied "Whoever wrote it, it's funny."

I then wanted to go to that person's own Facebook wall, and start replying to every comment of theirs with, "Wow, what a great point Stephen Colbert made!" and "Wow, what a great point Dave Barry made!" and "Wow, what a great point Trevor Noah made!" and "Wow, what a great point Eddie Izzard made!" Maybe throw in a "Wow, what a great point George Carlin made!," because stuff gets wrongly attributed to Carlin a lot.

Point is, I wanted to see how quickly that person got annoyed with everything they said being credited to someone one.

But I'd be a jerk if I did that.

Thoughts and actions. Different things.

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