Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


"Juneuary." It describes how Portland often is wet and cool in early June. Juneuary is really in progress today.

We've had a lot of days like this in 2017. A lot. Portland broke a record for rain and snow over this past fall and winter. From October 1st, 2016 to April 30th, 2017, nearly 150 of those 212 days had measurable precipitation.

Yeah, it's gotten a little old. Today's not as cold as some days: we got above 60°, barely (it's 62 right now), but drizzle, drizzle, drizzle.

Wednesday afternoon — I'm glad I got outside in it — we were about 71, with sun. I soaked up some of it. If I were flying today, I could get above the clouds and maybe soak up more. Except airplane windows are small and let in relatively little light. (Isn't there an airplane design that would have windows in the ceiling? Hmm...) But, as I sometimes do have to tell myself, there will be more sunlight. There will be more warmth. Maybe before July.
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