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Maybe, Tuesday morning, I should have waited to be around people.

Yesterday I went to breakfast at the nearby coffee shop, and while there I realized I was having trouble tuning out a conversation two guys in the café were having. (That they were on the other side of the café is probably a sign they were being just a little too loud for the café, but oh well.) I then realized: I was crankier than I thought.

I already knew I was cranky. That made me realize I hadn't done enough yet that day to make myself less cranky.

To counter that, I went back to the house and took my time, there by myself. Come early afternoon, I felt ready to be around people again, and walked to the nearby Fred Meyer to shop. By then, I could again handle people, plus I had a goal and a short shopping list. And getting that done helped me feel better. Less cranky.

I took care of other stuff yesterday (not saying more because I feel a little superstitious about it), plus I got out for an evening walk during dusk, on a comfortable and breezy night. Followed by decent sleep.

I'd really prefer not to be cranky, and I'm relieved I was able to get at least less cranky.