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Last week is past. This week is now.

One hundred-plus degrees. Both Saturday and Sunday.

We got through the weekend. Before that, we got through the week. Sometimes it was a challenge. Last week I often felt (say it with me) off; I tried when I could to take it easy and be gentle with myself. I seemed to be getting enough sleep; I don't think that was my issue. But from the week's start, I felt off. I chose the later of two days Mom had suggested for her visit to see me, because I didn't feel up for having company last Monday, for instance. (We visited Thursday. And last night Mom and Dad stopped by briefly on their way back from a family gathering here in town.) Wednesday, as I sometimes do, I paid the Belmont Goats a visit. Took pictures. Here are my most recent shots. Visiting the goats can help. So did spending several hours Friday at Beulahland, then riding around for a while (up to Lloyd Center Mall for a change of venue) because one of the servers at Beulah passed along an all-day TriMet bus pass someone no longer needed. I didn't have to be limited to my usual 2 1/2-hour bus pass!

Having survived the week, I then survived a hot weekend: 100° on Saturday and 101° on Sunday. Hydration, hats and shade were my frequent companions those days. I still got out; I didn't want to be a shut-in. On Saturday I got over to Beaverton, visited a handful of friends, and went with one of them to a Hillsboro screening of Wonder Woman. My second screening; my friend's first. She was mixed on the film; I still liked it a lot. I appreciate the film's earnestness, which is never undercut by its humor, thank goodness. I'm so glad this film exists, and is doing so well. (FYI: I have no interest in the fifth live-action Transformers film. None.) Friends,crankily, and s good film over the weekend. Good.

Welcome to this week.