Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The one thing I did right

Adventures in Sleeping:

I like sleep. I often sleep well. (It was a mark of how stressful my construction company job was that I often didn't sleep well during it; I tended to wake up nearly an hour before I'd set my alarm time, which was a pain). So, I should've slept well last night. Should've. I certainly felt tired. Tired enough that I thought Maybe I'll rest a bit before I take care of brushing my teeth and changing and...

I woke up in the 5 o'clock hour, on top of bed, in my street clothes, mouth unwashed, and dawn light through the clouds outside: I'd left the curtain open and the window open a crack. I never do any of this. At least not by design. I don't like to sleep right next to an open window; and beds are DESIGNED WITH BLANKETS TO USE. Maybe me still being fully dressed helped me keep warm enough and comfortable (enough) to sleep deeply and dream, but, not the way I'd want to sleep.

I stirred enough to get the window and the curtain closed, get out of at least my shorts, get under cover and try again. I've been taking it really easy today; low-impact is nice, thank you very much.

The one thing I did right was that I'd turned off my light. I've accidentally fallen asleep with the night stand light on enough times to know that I don't get really deep sleep when that light is mere feet from my head. So I dreamed: wandering a futuristic city that I knew was sometimes completely submerged (though during my dream), including an apartment complex with room plans so open it took me a minute to realize I'd walked into not a wider part of a hall, but an apartment that belonged to someone else. Also there was a knockoff version of Deadpool running around in this town, but I'm even less clear what his story was.

Sleep better tonight. Yeah, I PROBABLY WILL.
Tags: dreams

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