Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Defying physics for fun

I once rolled up a hill.

That took some doing.

Some comfortable evening back when I was a high school student, I was at a gathering in the front yard of a house on the same street in Oakton, Va as my family's place. This house was at Bree Hill Rd.'s north end, and sat lower than the road. Lots of families were in the grassy yard, including kids, mainly on the lowest part of the yard. I decided to clown around for one of those kids:

I pretended to lose my balance, swirling around my arms and wavering back and forth. I fell onto the grass, then...using my arms to push, I rolled partway up the slope, all the time yelling in mock-horror "Oh no!" and "Help me!"

The kid laughed. At least some adults were amused, too.

It didn't look perfect — I mean, it only would've looked perfect if it looked like reversed footage of me rolling down, and that's physically impossible — but my roll made that kid laugh.

I once rolled up a hill.

That took some doing.

It was worth it.

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