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Good days, in a row

"Bad week?" my friend Riona asked me over the phone.

"Weird week," I replied.

I said that Thursday night. Without getting into details, the past week had been a little frustrating, odd, and "off." By Thursday night, as I was walking around in my neighborhood, I was feeling a little worn out by that. That's when Riona called me. I turned down going to a Friday night event with her; I wanted and needed some time by myself.

Luckily and happily, I've been getting that. Got out yesterday (Friday) and today, treating myself in cheap ways — Friday was cheap pizza from the SE Foster Rd. Little Caesar's, today was the fun Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at a second-run theater and a Slurpee on my way home — getting good long walks done, and simply enjoying how Portland looks.

I'm feeling better. I hope, as always, to feel more consistently good.